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Grievance Redressal Forum

Dear Esteemed Customers of ECPS Pvt. Ltd.,

We have introduced an alternate dispute resolution cell /Grievance Cell which will take care of your unresolved queries if any. You can report your unresolved queries to the Grievance Officer.

Grievance Officer,
ECPS Pvt. Ltd



  • At Exalt Consulting Placement services Pvt Ltd (ECPS PVT LTD) Our vision is to be an honest placement related service providing Company committed to do what is right we serve our customers through facilitating in securing a placement (Services as defined in the terms and conditions clause # 6).One of the Key differentiators for us at ECPS is service excellence.
  • Towards this objective we have adopted as companywide principle of “treating customers fairly”(TCF), to achieve our TCF goal, our management philosophy, processes and systems are developed in a manner that:
    • Our customers can be confident that they are dealing with a company where the fair treatment of its customers is central to its company culture.
    • Our services are designed to meet the needs of identified consumer groups and are targeted accordingly.
    • Our customers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before during and after the point of sale.
    • Our Customers receive advice from the company and its representatives which is appropriate for them and takes into account their circumstances.
    • Our services perform as the company led its customers to expect and its customer service is both of and it’s acceptable standard and also as its customers have been led to expect.
  • In line with our overall objective of service excellence and a comprehensive Board of directors of the company for which the details are set out in the following sections has put approved grievance redressal policy in place.

  • A “Grievance/Complaint” is defined as any communication that expresses dissatisfaction about an action, about the standard or deficiency of service of ECPS Pvt Ltd and/ or any intermediary or, asks for remedial action.
  • An “Enquiry” is defined as any communication from a customer for the primary purpose of requesting information about ECPS and/ Or its services.
  • A “Request” is defined as any communication from a customer soliciting a service related queries.
  • “Redressal” is defined as the resolution or disposal of the grievance and communication to the complainant in the event of non-redressal or delay in redressal; the company is to communicate the reasons to the complainant.

  • The management has nominated a grievance officer to address the customer grievances.
  • In orders to effectively address customer grievances the company has designated the grievance officer at its Bangalore’s registered office, who is responsible for receiving and managing the grievances submitted by the customers.
  • The grievance officer at registered Bangalore office has the overall responsibility to ensure that the grievance redressal guidelines are adhere to, along with the reporting of grievances to the management on monthly and quarterly basis.

  • ECPS PVT LTD have a well-defined process of receiving and registering grievances. We encourage our customers to report to us any grievance or issue that they face regarding their dealings with us.
  • Customers can use the following avenue to report grievances to the company by duly filling the grievance form which is known as form # 4.
      Customers shall address their grievance at the below mentioned office address: Customer Grievance Redressal Unit
      Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt Ltd
      No 22, 1st Floor, Rear wing, N J Chambers, 

      Opp Ramada Hotel, Shivajinagar,
      Bangalore- 560 051 

      Grievance form can be availed via 3 channels as follows:
    • Download via website
    • Email request can be sent asking for grievance form soft copy by mailing to
    • Grievance form is available at the reception, which can be duly filled, and acknowledgement to be taken mandatory after submission of duly filled grievance form.
  • Grievance acknowledgement: On receipt of a grievance, the company first accesses it on the basis of its merits and nature of grievance. ECPS Pvt Ltd sends a written acknowledgement to the customer within 3 working days of the receipt of the grievance. The grievance acknowledgement contains the name of the officer who is resolving the grievance. It also contains the timeline for resolution of the grievances.
  • Grievance Resolution: Grievance is to be resolved within 3 weeks of its receipt and each resolution conveyed vide a final resolution letter. This final resolution letter offers redressal or rejection of the issue, along with reason. The resolution letter also informs the complainant about how the customer can pursue the grievance, if dissatisfied.
  • If the grievance is resolved within 3 working days, the grievance resolution is communicated along with the grievance acknowledgement.

  • ECPS Private Ltd endeavors to resolve all grievances to the satisfaction of the customers, in order to ensure fair resolution for the customer, the Managing Director has set conditions for treating the grievances as closed.
  • As per the Company regulations, a grievance shall be considered as disposed of and resolved:
    • When ECPS has acceded to the request of the complainant fully.
    • Where the complainant has indicated in writing acceptance of the response of the company.
    • Where the complainant has not responded to the company within 8 weeks of the company’s written response.
    • Where the grievance redressal officer has certified that the company has discharged its contractual, statutory and regulatory obligations and therefore closes the complaint.
    • ECPS PVT LTD redressal grievance policies follow the above definitions.

  • In case customers do not receive a response within the prescribed timeline by the company, they may escalate their grievance to the following grievance redressal officer at the registered Bangalore Office: 
    Contact details: (response timeline 3 working days)
  • In case a complainant is not satisfied with the resolution from the above escalation authority, they can contact the Management of ECPS Pvt Ltd At the Bangalore Office Address mentioned above.

  • The Board of directors of Exalt Consulting Placement Services Pvt Ltd has constituted a well-trained grievance officer to assist the management in fulfilling its statutory and fiduciary responsibility to oversee the various compliance issues in relation to the protection of customer’s interests, including the need to keep the customer well informed of and educated about our services and complaint-handling-procedures. In addition, on behalf of the management, the grievance officer is responsible to oversee the elements of the company’s treating customers fairly.
  • It is also to be noted that the overall system of grievance management within the company is an auditable area with periodic reviews reflected in its annual audit plans, significant audit observations are discussed by the grievance officer with the management to ensure an effective closure.
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