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Develop strategic communications planning for promotion and dissemination of corporate and marketing content
  • Develop corporate promotions and communications liaising with other departments and the Management Team.
  • In conjunction with the web team, create, adapt, improve and optimize web communication for SEO and organic and keyword search § Manage the corporate branding
  • Develop/maintain social media profiles and quality content on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. § Develop other, relevant social media outlets to support and expand our digital presence § Recruitment and maintenance of media partnerships
  • Manage PR and press relations
  • Assist in the preparation and drafting of various communications (email, social media, blogs, etc. …) including at times high-level public speeches for Council and Director General Email marketing and Inbound marketing management § Email campaign development and implementation
  • Manage inbound marketing system, including campaign development and data analysis § Develop compelling custom content § Design and deliver emails § Craft email campaigns
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